Committed to Biblical Principles

The most important reality in this world is truth and the most important truth of all is God's truth. This is the truth that saves the souls of men from divine judgement and eternal separation from God in Hell. There is only one place where this truth is found and that is in the Bible. Only those who understand the Bible can know the truth about salvation and be saved from the consequences of sin and live effective lives filled with true joy. Everything about salvation, sanctification, and all understanding about future glorification is contained in the scriptures. To understand the Bible is to understand everything from God's perspective. The one true perspective. All the purposes of God for humanity in all of history and through eternity can only be comprehended and known to those who understand the meaning of the scriptures. This is the cornerstone of Christ’s commission for believers to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Our uncompromising dedication to this ideal is rooted in our Relentlessly Biblical™ commitment to establishing a biblical basis for faith and reinforcing a high view of scriptures and of Jesus Christ of whom the scriptures speak of.

Therefore, the greatest service that can be rendered to anyone is to help open up their understanding of the Scriptures.
— Pastor John MacArthur