Committed to Biblical Principles

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Core-Truth Ministries is dedicated to establishing and reinforcing a high view of Scriptures and of Jesus Christ of whom the Scriptures speak of. Our vision for building on the full and accurate truth concerning the Lord Jesus Christ is the driving ideal in all we do.

Corrupt teaching and deceptive leaders are sources of instability in too many churches today. In an effort to win converts and hold their attention, many ministries have moved away from a biblical basis of faith and from the person of Jesus Christ. Our Relentlessly Biblical™ approach is the uncompromising standard we strive for when equipping people and ministries with sound biblical teaching, resources, and support that is crucial in understanding the full and accurate revelation of God concerning His son Jesus Christ and fulfilling His great commission.

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We appreciate your generosity and your willingness to support our ministry’s vision of building on the full and accurate truth concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. We are honored by the trust your gift demonstrates, and we are grateful for your commitment to God’s Word and it’s teaching. When you partner with Core-Truth Ministries through your prayers and gifts, you have a direct impact on lives. Your support enables us to provide sound biblical teaching that help others open up their understanding of the scriptures across the globe.

We take seriously our God-given responsibility to be a wise, honorable steward of every financial gift we receive. Therefore, thank you again for your gracious, thoughtful support.